Tell KQED To Stop Union Busting

Local 51 members at KQED have been represented by NABET for over 60 years in the work of producing radio and television (and associated workers).  sample

They have been in bargaining for over 19 months, facing efforts to remove their work, and Union Busting in an effort to scare and intimidate our members into accepting an inferior contract. 

Our members helped build KQED into the number one radio station in the Bay Area, and produced the television that used to make the Bay Area proud.

When we gave notice to terminate the contract extension – instead of focusing on their proposals and removing their union busting proposals from the table – KQED actively encouraged union members to resign from NABET-CWA – and asked if they planned to cross the picket-line.

We know that the community supports good working conditions and contracts and that Union Busting is not a Bay Area Value. We are asking you to add your voices to ours.

Please support our fight for a good contract – for good working conditions – and for good local television production at KQED.

Send a message to KQED President John Boland or call him at (415) 553-2201.


Keeping up the pressure, Local 51 members and supporters held a funeral march in front of the KQED Studios. MORE


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About Us


NABET-CWA represents employees in the telecommunications, broadcasting and cable industries. 

Local 51 has represented employees at television and radio stations since 1953 when we received our charter from the National Association of Broadcast Radio and Technicians (NABET). NABET-CWA represents TV and Radio Engineers, Technicians, News Photographers, Newswriters, Production Videographer-Editors, Directors, Assistant Directors, Floor Managers, Stage Managers, Technical Directors, Audio Engineers/Technicians, Radio Announcers, Graphic Designers, Customer Service Representatives, Building Utilities employees and many others in the broadcast industry. 

NABET-CWA strives primarily to give its members a sense of pride in their work and dignity in their work place. We are comprised of highly specialized professional workers. Our efforts are directed to steadily improving our status through the achievement of better working conditions and higher wages. 

NABET-CWA represents employees on the West Coast at ABC, KGO-TV, KQED-TV, KQED-FM, KOIN-TV (Portland) KSBY (San Luis Obispo), KDTV-TV (Univison) KABE (Bakersfield) and over 350 Daily Hires working in 14 Western States.  

Before NABET-CWA, broadcast employees worked split shifts; there was no pay or time off for holidays; there was no overtime pay. 

NABET-CWA has achieved the Union Shop; Paid vacation and statutory holidays; Lay-off and rehiring on seniority basis; Differential pay for night work; Discharge for just and sufficient cause only; 12-hour turn-around period; Late meal period penalties; Grievance procedure, including arbitration; Pension Plans; Overtime pay; Highest wages and best working conditions in the industry.

NABET-CWA is part of the Communications Workers of America. CWA is "The Union for the Information Age," representing 700,000 workers in communications, media, airlines, manufacturing and public service.