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NABET – KQED Bargaining Bulletin # #9
Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The parties met in bargaining sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  After a long recess that was attributed to other scheduled meetings and events, the parties spent Tuesday with the Company presenting their current proposals in order of the contract.

This was necessary because the company's proposals have mostly been presented in groupings, not in order of the contract.   The process was useful as it lead to the Company withdrawing a few proposals.

On Wednesday we were stalled in the morning as the Company completed the proposal that they had been working on for the last 6 weeks.  The offer, when presented was 29 pages, re-stating the G and J language.  Unfortunately, the proposals are still based upon the concepts that we "may" have the right to do work that we currently do in the studio - "if" they want to give us the work.  

To make this all feel like a great deal for us, they offered that they "may" assign us extra or additional work, but with no guarantees. But even if we were to do that additional work for jurisdictional right to the work would be established.  Today, as an enticement to give our work away, they proposed a sort of "no layoff" provision for regular members of the G unit.  It only offers protection of no reduction in the number of regular G Unit full-time staff Engineers as a result of the new relaxations in Sections G2.20 thru G2.25. Reading their language, growth for KQED will not be enjoyed by the Union Members that helped this company grow during the past 60 years.

Management's explanation was that they didn't want any more grievances over work assignments. Sadly the process of negotiations does not seem to be any more productive or hopeful of a resolution. 

Members are reminded that balloting in the strike authorization vote closes on Monday March 20th.  The results will be released after the votes are counted.

The next bargaining sessions are Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, March 21 and 22.  We will be in Conference Room I on Tuesday and Conference Room A on Wednesday the 22nd. 

NABET Negotiating Committee

NABET LOCAL 51, 240 2nd Street, Suite 220, San Francisco, CA 94105

NABET – KQED Bargaining Bulletin #1
November 1, 2016

            Bargaining began today for a new contract between NABET and KQED. The Union has proposed that the new contract be a 4-year agreement.  The previous agreement expired on October 22nd, but the parties have agreed to extend the contract while bargaining is underway.

            The session began with John Boland, President & CEO of KQED, presenting a PowerPoint with management’s philosophy for a new contract.  While saying that KQED wanted to serve the community and that they wanted to use the current staff – the rest of the presentation was about how they wanted to “modernize the labor agreement”, and that the public is now getting their content from mobile, social media, and online rather than broadcast radio and TV.   While not proposing decreases in benefits or wages, Boland was clear that in many departments, KQED wants to subcontract almost all of the work, or have the work originated by non-union employees of KQED.
            The Union discussed the desire to work together with the Company and pointed out that the skills that our members have would be best utilized on all platforms of “ broadcast” over the air or for the web, phone or other method of broadcast that we have been mostly excluded from to date. The jurisdictional concerns that had been rising for years, and have been the focus of many grievances and arbitrations (won by the Union) were born out when we exchanged proposals.  The Union had made changes and updates to the existing language, based upon input from the membership.

The management team led by Maria Miller presented Company proposals, which if agreed to, would devastate the work of many bargaining unit workers across many departments.  Such as:

  • the Utility Maintenance workers would lose all their skilled work to subcontracting;
  •  outside companies could come in and do our production work and KQED would not pay the meal and other penalties;
  •  the Membership group while on the phone with members would have their conversations recorded and then the calls may be transferred to “supervisors” to work on actual members records.

            The idea of modernizing the contract is, of course, one that the Union shares – but not at the cost of our jobs, our job security or benefits for our families.  Flexibility and agility are great skills – and we will continue to represent our members at KQED for another fifty years. 

            More details will be provided as we further study the proposal.

NABET LOCAL 51, 240 2nd Street, Suite 220, San Francisco, CA 94105





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