ETP Student FAQ


I know I have successfully completed the ETP program if I have:

 Ł      Completed the minimum number of training hours I signed up for:

40, 48, 64, or 80 hours

Ł      Not been absent for more than 20% of my training hours

40 hours = 8 Excused Absence hours

48 hours = 9 Excused Absence hours

Ł      Remained with my current employer for 90 days following my last day of training

Ł      Signed the attendance roster every day I attended training

 What is considered an Excused Absence?

An Excused Absence is any training time that we do not have a signed attendance roster for.

         If you are absent from the class and did not sign the attendance roster, that is an excused absence.

        If you attend training and do not sign the attendance roster for that day, that is also an excused absence.

 I have a class this weekend that I canít attend. What do I do?

Please try to attend the class. If you do not attend the class it will be considered an Excused Absence.  If you have enough Excused Absence hours available this will not be a problem. However, if you do not have enough Excused Absence hours available you will be dropped from the program and your employer will be billed for your training.

 Can I change the number of training hours I am enrolled in?

If you have not taken a class (attended or been absent to a class you were enrolled in), you are eligible to change the training slot (40, 48, 64, or 80 hours) you are enrolled in.

 If you have taken a class, you may not decrease your training slot but you may increase it anytime before you attend your last class.

 Can I drop one class and add another?

You may drop a class two weeks in advance and add another by faxing in an Add/Drop Form. If the class you wish to drop is less than two weeks away, we will be unable to permit the drop.

 I am interested in changing jobs. What is the last day I need to work and not have my employer penalized?

You have successfully completed the program 90 days after your last day of training. Begin counting to 90 on the day after your last day of class. The 90th day is the magic day when it is safe for you to leave. If you canít remember when your last day of class was, please contact the ETP Team. We will let you know and keep your request confidential. 

   May I take non-ETP approved classes even though I am in the ETP program?

Yes, you can! If a class is not an ETP approved class or you do not wish for it to count towards your ETP hours, you may sign up and pay for a class by speaking with a BAVC Enrollment Advisor at (415) 558-2126.

 May I participate in the BAVC Certificate Program using my ETP classes?

Yes. BAVC is accredited by the Bureau of Private and Post-secondary Vocational Education (BPPVE) and offers certificates in Web and Video Core Skills, Video Editing, Video Production, Video Graphics and Web Design, Web Streaming and eCommerce. For more information on the Certificate Program, please see

 What happens if I do not successfully complete the ETP program?

If you do not successfully complete the ETP program you will be dropped from the program and your employer will be billed for all of your scheduled training courses up to that date.

 I enrolled in a training slot (40, 48, 64, or 80 hours) and the classes Iíve selected are a couple hours more. What will happen?

Since you must complete a minimum of 40, 48, 64, or 80 hours (depending on which timeslot you choose), if the training classes do not add up to exactly to 40, 48, 64, or 80 you may either:

1)      Select different classes that do add up exactly.

2)      Request from your employer that they pay for the additional training hours. To find out the exact cost please contact the ETP Team. The extra hours are always the last hours you take chronologically, so the cost will be calculated using the catalog rate for your final class.

   Why do I have to provide my social security number and salary information?

Because the stateís interest is improving its economy by maintaining a skilled workforce, it tracks participantsí career growth based on salary increases. If your salary decreases during your participation in the program, you will be dropped, and your employer will be liable for your training fees. For this reason, we must collect your salary information when you enroll and again when you finish the 90 day retention period.