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California Employment Training Panel (ETP)

Add/Drop Form



Company Liaison:

Please select the minimum number of training hours you agree to complete within a four-month period.

r 40 hours     r 48 hours     r 64 hours     r 80 hours

Please mark whether these training hours are  r mandatory   r voluntary  r both

Total non-ETP hours: _________ (hours over 40, 48, 64, or 80)

Classes to ADD
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Classes to DROP

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        Once you are enrolled in a class you will receive written confirmations by email.

         Students are required to fax an Add/Drop Form two weeks in advance to drop and/or reschedule a class or it will be considered an unexcused absence. No more than 20% of the total training hours maybe used as excused absences (please refer to the Enrollment Agreement for further explanation).


I am aware that this employee is a part of the ETP Program and give my authorization for him/her to take the courses listed above. I agree to make arrangements with him/her to ensure attendance in these classes and the successful completion of the program in a timely fashion. I am aware that ETP will not reimburse BAVC for training hours taken over the 40, 48, 64, or 80-hour limit. I acknowledge that my company is responsible and will be billed for such hours at the BAVC catalog rate.


Employee Supervisor/Company Liaison: ___________________________________ Date: __________